Paper Art Class

paper art.jpg

Instructors - Stephen and Christina Lee

      Paper art is an attractive and fascinating handicraft. Pieces of useless magazine paper are folded into charming and precious art form! It is also a solidarity action supporting the environment! It helps us to build up an appreciation for beauties, train our thinking abilities, and awaken our artistic potentials. This is another way to appreciate and enjoy life! We teach our students the skills in paper folding, and at the same time, we also learn valuable lessons from them. Some students would give their beloved art work to others; this is an act of selflessness. They continued to come to class even when they were sick, and that demonstrated their positive attitude! They persevered in helping each other and enjoyed a harmonious time together.  

      We are getting more zealous in teaching the class due to the support and recognition given to us by the students. We look forward to coming to the class each Thursday. Please join our interest group and have fun together!

Wilson Chung