Knitting Club

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Instructor - Grace Wong

I am grateful to the NYCBC Community Service Ministry which entrusts me, an amateur knitting enthusiasts, with the chance to participate in the Knitting Club. Every Thursday afternoon, a group of friends who are interested in knitting would meet together to learn the skills in knitting. They would exchange ideas and share the joy of success, and at the same time, enjoy a time of chatting with and caring for each other. A ball of yarn and two needles are all we need to weave a colourful piece of art work, and furthermore, to nurture a beautiful friendship with each other.

I enjoy the time with this group of friends who share common interests and learn from each other on the skills in knitting. We not only wear our finished products, but also like to see others wearing our completed works. We look forward to this year’s products fundraising sale for NYCBC, hoping that we will get excellent results, so that we can show our gratitude to the church which has provided such wonderful opportunity to us. Let us keep on knitting and build up  good memories together.


Members Sharing

I have benefited a lot by joining the NYCBC Community Service Knitting Club. The most important benefit is the training on how to cope with "mistakes". Since childhood, I have never had any interest in knitting. I have no talent in this area, and typically did not pay attention to details. I have no patience to study any patterns and appreciate fashions. Mental concentration is very important in knitting, otherwise, no matter how hard we try there will be many mistakes and omissions. I have repeatedly made the same mistakes and also messed up the yarns countless times. From there I learned how to be patient, not getting irritated or anxious easily. I can remain calm and persist until the task is complete. I am no longer afraid of making mistakes and also able to understand others' mistakes. Knitting is therapeutic. I have heavy responsibilities in my job, and coupled with housework, I get tired and stressed easily. In all the busyness, it is very good to be able to take the time to sit down alone and start to knit stitch by stitch. I gradually become calm, forgetting everything around me. I feel a strong sense of accomplishment when I see that I have successfully completed my project with my own hands. This is priceless. I don’t need to see a psychologist or take any stress medication.

Wilson Chung