Message from Pastor Brian Wong

In 1978, the Chinese government proposed reformation and opening up as the nation’s development directions. It pointed out three aspects that needed to be actively pursued: community services, community environment, and community culture. From this we can see that to build a healthy and harmonious society, we need to develop all three areas in a well-balanced way and all are indispensable.

Community services refer to providing services that are appropriate for residents and helpful to daily living. These services can be related to physical health such as classes for Tai Chi, Baduanjin, aerobics, brain health exercises, etc. Of course, physical exercise is only one part of community services. Healthy community services also care for people's daily spiritual needs. All in all, the services provided by North York (Chinese) Baptist Church Community Service Ministry, whether they be fitness classes, interest classes or workshops, are focused on relevance and helpfulness to our neighbours in the community.

Community environment is not only about the environment of our community, but also addressing the needs of the residents and how government policies may affect people’s livelihood. The workshops provided every Thursday are typically closely related to people’s need in terms of their health knowledge, livelihood and government policies.

As for community culture, what do people desire? I think it is a culture of love. We all yearn to be loved and cared for. If we can support each other and care for each other in a community, then this community must be a favourable area that everyone wants to live in. To build a culture of love, we must first understand the source of love; the Bible says: “We love because God first loved us.” (I John chapter 4, verse 19) Only when we know the source of love and establish a loving relationship with this God who loves us, we can see a community of love among us. We will then build up this community culture of love together. To establish this community culture of love, is also a vision of the Community Services Ministry of North York (Chinese) Baptist Church. I hope that we will all be working together towards this common vision and move forward into a bright future.

Wilson Chung
Paper Art Class
paper art.jpg

Instructors - Stephen and Christina Lee

      Paper art is an attractive and fascinating handicraft. Pieces of useless magazine paper are folded into charming and precious art form! It is also a solidarity action supporting the environment! It helps us to build up an appreciation for beauties, train our thinking abilities, and awaken our artistic potentials. This is another way to appreciate and enjoy life! We teach our students the skills in paper folding, and at the same time, we also learn valuable lessons from them. Some students would give their beloved art work to others; this is an act of selflessness. They continued to come to class even when they were sick, and that demonstrated their positive attitude! They persevered in helping each other and enjoyed a harmonious time together.  

      We are getting more zealous in teaching the class due to the support and recognition given to us by the students. We look forward to coming to the class each Thursday. Please join our interest group and have fun together!

Wilson Chung
ESL Class
ESL class.jpg

Instructor- Karen Wong

It is indeed God's grace and His answer to my prayer that I was given the opportunity to serve in the ESLclasses.

Most of our students are Asians from different countries, including China, Hong Kong, and South Korea. They join our ESL classes to improve their English for work,for everyday routines or for those they love. When I reflect on our ESL community program and the time and energy that the teachers and volunteers put into the program, I know that it is the students and new friends that make our efforts worthwhile.We are glad that they are able to stepfoot into our church and hear the gospel.

While teaching English may be a little thing, the bigger reward is that we are able to help others and the lasting relationships that are built.The footprints of some students are still hidden deep down in my heart. Our program is always open and all are welcome to join as either students or volunteers.

Wilson Chung
Tai Chi
Tai Chi.jpg

Instructor - Artis Chan

     Since last November, my wife and I have joined the Community Services of NYCBC to teach Tai-Chi to friends from the community. I can see that everyone really enjoys this exercise as the number of participants keep increasing. I am most grateful that the Church has given us a wonderful place to practise Tai-Chi! My wife and I look forward to coming every Thursday, hoping that we will all enjoy practicing Tai-Chi. We are greatly pleased to see that many of our friends have progressed significantly in this exercise, and that both their mental and physical health are greatly improved! I hope that by God's grace, I will continue to lead everyone in great Tai-Chi exercises and that we will be both physically and mentally fit.  

Wilson Chung
Ba Duan Jin

Instructor - Stella Ng

Ba Duan Jin is a set of excellent Chinese traditional health care movements. The movements are beautiful, smooth, simple, and easy to learn, resulting with significant improvements to people’s health. The ancient folks used the word brocade, ‘Jin’, to describe the exercise.  The full set of movements consists of eight general movements, and that is why it is named "Ba Duan Jin." (8 sets of brocades). The entire set of movements is gentle, continual, and free flowing. These movements can be relaxing or gripping, can be slow or fast, as they help in the body’s blood circulation. Every detail of each of the movements exercises our nerve system, so that the entire system will run smoothly and is well lubricated. When the postures are performed correctly, you can actually feel the blood flowing through to the tips of your fingers and toes, bringing to the body a sensation of ‘warmth’ with ‘slightly sweating’.   

I have been a volunteer in the North York Chinese Baptist Church for over two years now. Together with other students, we practice Ba Duan Jin every Thursday morning. It is such a pleasure to see how each student eagerly and seriously practice the movements, and enjoying every moment of it! I hope that the students will preserver and continue to practice, so that we will all build up our health and live each and every day more abundantly and more wonderfully!

May God continue to bless North York Chinese Baptist Church so that it becomes a spiritual home for more people. May the body, mind and spirit of everyone who come to this church be taken care of by our heavenly Father.

Wilson Chung
Knitting Club
CSM photo.png

Instructor - Grace Wong

I am grateful to the NYCBC Community Service Ministry which entrusts me, an amateur knitting enthusiasts, with the chance to participate in the Knitting Club. Every Thursday afternoon, a group of friends who are interested in knitting would meet together to learn the skills in knitting. They would exchange ideas and share the joy of success, and at the same time, enjoy a time of chatting with and caring for each other. A ball of yarn and two needles are all we need to weave a colourful piece of art work, and furthermore, to nurture a beautiful friendship with each other.

I enjoy the time with this group of friends who share common interests and learn from each other on the skills in knitting. We not only wear our finished products, but also like to see others wearing our completed works. We look forward to this year’s products fundraising sale for NYCBC, hoping that we will get excellent results, so that we can show our gratitude to the church which has provided such wonderful opportunity to us. Let us keep on knitting and build up  good memories together.


Members Sharing

I have benefited a lot by joining the NYCBC Community Service Knitting Club. The most important benefit is the training on how to cope with "mistakes". Since childhood, I have never had any interest in knitting. I have no talent in this area, and typically did not pay attention to details. I have no patience to study any patterns and appreciate fashions. Mental concentration is very important in knitting, otherwise, no matter how hard we try there will be many mistakes and omissions. I have repeatedly made the same mistakes and also messed up the yarns countless times. From there I learned how to be patient, not getting irritated or anxious easily. I can remain calm and persist until the task is complete. I am no longer afraid of making mistakes and also able to understand others' mistakes. Knitting is therapeutic. I have heavy responsibilities in my job, and coupled with housework, I get tired and stressed easily. In all the busyness, it is very good to be able to take the time to sit down alone and start to knit stitch by stitch. I gradually become calm, forgetting everything around me. I feel a strong sense of accomplishment when I see that I have successfully completed my project with my own hands. This is priceless. I don’t need to see a psychologist or take any stress medication.

Wilson Chung
Praise Dance and Line Dance
Praise dance.jpg

Instructor - Evelyn Ng

Praise dance is a complex, muscle stretching exercise accompanied by melodious music. It is a cardio aerobic exercise, and it increases the flexibility of our joints, thus enhancing physical fitness. With the rhythm of the music, we make different movements, thereby exercising the coordination of the brain, body, hands and feet. The creators of the dance chose Bible verses as lyrics, which can be sung during daily practices: "If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast." The contents are filled with gratitude and joy. After each exercise, not only you sweat a lot, your body also feels at ease and carefree, your mind is comforted and encouraged, and then your mood will become naturally cheerful. I really want to share this exercise with you all.   

Since April of last year, I have been exercising with a group of praise dance friends. Whenever the music starts playing, and I see that everyone is dancing vigorously and really enjoying it, this has become the source of my strength to continue.

Through this praise dance class, I am so very happy to meet and know everyone, and therefore, able to establish a close friendship, caring for and sharing with each other. Let's hope you will join in our class, do the exercise, stay healthy, and enjoy life!

Members Sharing

Every time I read the Bible, Genesis chapter 12 verse 1 which says, " The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. "  I find it   incredible! In obedience, Abram willingly traveled to Canaan with his family. But when I came to Toronto two years ago, I was a total stranger here, with no friends and no job. The people around were unfriendly, impolite and rude. Everyone seemed so busy and impatient. I often asked myself why I came here, I was struggling and complaining.

Later, I started to go to NYCBC. Not only did I befriend some brothers and sisters in Christ, but also met new friends in the community. We exercise together. Our instructors are very patient, and we enjoy a comfortable environment. The Heavenly Father must have His good intentions by allowing me come to this church. Now my husband and I not only attend the church’s Sunday worship services and fellowship, we also serve in the ministry. I begin to understand more on what God said in the Bible Isaiah chapter 55 verses 8-9, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."

Wilson Chung